Donations through the Decades – $10,212,610

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June M. Hoye, Publicity Chairperson

During the past year of Covid-19 Isolation, I have been posting on our Facebook page a series of articles on the History of the Boardwalk and a final summary series called Donations through the Decades.  This series of articles chronicles the various donations that the Foundation has made to the Boardwalk and beyond.

I started with an article that focused on the original land donations, grants, and volunteer time  that came to $10,000,000!  Then, I focused on the enhancements to the Boardwalk such as the Monument, Educational signs, Maintenance funds, Trash Receptacles, Grass Beach Plantings, and Educational Pamphlets.

Safety concerns were addressed with Security Cameras, an All-Terrain Vehicle to access the boardwalk and help transport any injured visitors, and a Solaware Sun Protection Monitor.  Access for the Handicapped was made possible by a Beach Accessibility Mat.

I also mentioned the projects we sponsored Beyond the Boardwalk such as the McCook Park Bandstand and Lights, the Benches on the Main St. Park, and some of the trees at the Hope St. Parking Lot.

From 2005-2021, 16 years of stewardship have ensured that the Boardwalk continues to be the beloved spot for walking, viewing, and meditating. During that time, the Foundation has donated to the Town of East Lyme a total of $10,212,610!

 The East Lyme Public Trust Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation created by a group of dedicated citizens of southeastern Connecticut to promote, provide, and protect an improved quality of life for all people in the region and state through its activities in the public trust.

The Foundation continues to be active and open to new ideas in the public interest.   It has worked cooperatively with federal, state, and local agencies while maintaining special ties with the East Lyme Parks and Recreation Department and the University of Connecticut. The East Lyme Public Trust Foundation is dedicated to keeping our commitment to protecting the Boardwalk.

A complete chart of these donations will soon be posted on our web-site, 

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2005-2006Donations to Build and Value Added$10,000,000
2005, 2016Educational Signs        41,400
  2005,2020Monument and Dedication Plaques         17,275
2007,08,10,18Security Cameras         42,304
2018Beach accessibility Mat          3,725
2016Boardwalk Welcome Signs          3,364
2017,18,19Trash Receptacles          8,181
2016,18Grass Beach Plantings             563
2018Educational Pamphlets          2,194
2005, 08Boardwalk Maintenance Funds        52,500
2008All-Terrain Vehicle-Security          7,800
2019Solaware Sun Protection Monitor          1,000
20017,20019McCook Park Bandstand and Lights          25,000
2018Benches-Main St. Park             3,850
2012Hope St. Trees            3,454