Donations through the Decades-The East Lyme Public Trust Foundation- Solaware Sun Protection Monitors-Donation of $1,000

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In this stressful time of Covid-19, raise your spirits by thinking ahead to Summer in the Sun at our Beaches and Boardwalk.

In the summer of 2019, The E.L. Public Trust Foundation decided to raise awareness within our community to the hazards to beachgoers of real-time UV Exposure from the sun.  The Foundation decided to purchase three Solaware monitors that would inform participants at each of our three beaches of the UV ray and sun strength in real time on a particular day.

Because sun damage can cause sunburn, skin aging, eye damage and skin cancer, the Foundation wanted to inform beachgoers of the dangers without properly applied sunscreen (SPF30 or more) or without UV protective clothing/sunglasses.

These sun safety systems, not only inform participants of the level and danger of sun exposure in real-time, but also educate about preventative steps to guard

against unprotected sun exposure.

Each portable monitor is topped by an outsized digital timer and a color-bar UV Index, lit up to indicate UV radiation levels. These displays automatically adjust their time display and UV index indicator as they detect increases or decreases in risk.

Along the Connecticut shore, other beach towns that have been providing these monitors to their visitors during the beach season are Darien, Milford, Branford, Guilford, and Madison.  The Foundation was pleased to work in conjunction with the East Lyme Parks and Recreation Department to bring this enhancement to the Boardwalk and Beaches of East Lyme.

Picture of Solaware Monitor
Anastacia Seuferling- Hole in the Wall Beach in the summer

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