Donations through the Decades-The East Lyme Public Trust Foundation- The Band Shell at McCook Park and Lights for the Band Shell- $25,000

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  In January 2015, Dave Putnam, the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department, while speaking to the Foundation, mentioned a “Wish List” he had of future projects.  One of the items on this list was a Band Shell for concerts and plays in the park.  John Hoye, who had served as Vice-President of the Foundation for 22 years, knew that the cost of such a project was beyond what the Foundation could provide; however, he saw a way it could be accomplished.

He then became instrumental in organizing a group of non-profits consisting of the Public Trust Foundation, The Rotary, and the Lions, to work with the East Lyme Recreation Department to bring this project to completion.

When he presented this idea at meetings of the Rotary and the Lions, the volunteers of these groups immediately were receptive to the idea of having our three community service organizations cooperate together to make this goal a reality.   On July 14, 2017, after two years of co-operation with the community organizations working together, the McCook Park Bandshell was dedicated. 

At the dedication, Vice-President Hoye said, “One of the plaques on the Boardwalk says, “Dreams do come True”.  We are delighted to welcome you all to this SECOND DREAM.  We know this addition will greatly enhance the life our community.”

At the Annual Meeting of the Foundation in November 2019, Dave Putnam, the Director of the Recreation Department, mentioned that a possible future enhancement to the Town of East Lyme which the Foundation and the Recreation Department might pursue was lighting for the McCook Point Park Band Shell.  Subsequently, the Foundation voted to donate $5,000 toward this project. The lights will be installed early this spring inside the Band Shell. 

After our year of Covid-19, we hope to see many of you at the events which will be planned this summer at this important addition to the Park.