Donations through the Decades-The East Lyme Public Trust Foundation ADA COMPLIANT BEACH MAT FOR WHEELCHAIRS-Donation of $3,725

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In 2018, Kathie Cassidy, Treasurer of the East Lyme Public Trust Foundation initiated a project to make the Niantic Bay Beach more accessible for people with wheelchairs, with disabilities, with walkers, or canes, and parents with strollers.   She successfully applied for a Chelsea Groton Bank Grant award of $1,500 to cover a portion of the cost of an ADA compliant beach accessibility surface mat.  The Public Trust Foundation donated the remainder of the purchase price of approximately $2,200.

Ms. CassIdy has reported, “It is the desire of the E.L. Public Trust Foundation to make the Hole in the Wall Beach a wheelchair accessible friendly place.  We also want to allow children and adults with mobility impairment to visit and enjoy the beach.

The E.L. Parks and recreation Department installs the mat at Hole-in-the-Wall Beach and maintains it during the summer season.  The Public Trust Foundation continues to upgrade and enhance the Boardwalk and Beaches.

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