Educational Signs on the Niantic Bay Boardwalk

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In 2005, since one of our key goals was to have an education component to the Boardwalk, the Foundation arranged for an outstanding series of 18 Educational Signs to be placed on the Boardwalk

This article appeared in 2005.  The Link to the Final Report is a very complete description of each sign.

Educational Signs Completed

July 15, 2005 

The East Lyme Public Trust Foundation, Inc. is pleased to report completion of its Design and Installation of Educational and Boardwalk Entrance Signs on the Niantic Bay Overlook in compliance with Long Island Sound License Plate Project Grant (Niantic Bay Overlook Signage) Indentification No. P.S. 2003-30276.

A summary of the eighteen (16) educational signs, their design and content, and their location along the 1.2 mile long Niantic Bay Overlook is available online. The final report includes photographs of the signs and selected photographs of visitors viewing the signs.

Download final report in pdf format | View Current Reproduced Educational Signs

This article appeared in 2016

Niantic Bay Boardwalk and Beach Educational Signs

The Foundation completed the installation of 16 educational signs for the original Boardwalk dedication in 2005, in compliance with a Long Island License Plate Project Grant (The Boardwalk Overlook Signs) identification No. P.S. 2003-30276.

Of those 16 original signs, subsequent storms severely damaged eight. Those eight signs were reproduced in their original design and re-installed on the western half of the Boardwalk in 2016 following completion of reconstruction. The Eight undamaged, original signs were re-installed on the eastern half of the Boardwalk by Amtrak when it completed its bridge reconstruction project in 2013. See the donor section for a list of public sponsors of the eight reproduced signs.

Donors of Educational Signs on the Niantic Bay Boardwalk

Charter Oak Federal Credit Union
Chelsea Groton Bank
Dime Bank
Dominion Energy
Donna and Richard Gada and Family
Heritage Properties Niantic
Lillian’s Café and Protek Auto
Niantic Dairy Queen

Later, when the Boardwalk needed to be re-designed and re-built, Kathie Cassidy, a member of the Foundation, obtained a grant to repair the signs that had been damaged by the storms.