New Website Design Launched!

East Lyme Public Trust Foundation News

The Foundation is pleased to announce that there has been a major revision to our website:  The revision was carried out by Firebrand Designs of New London in cooperation with Foundation President Joe Legg.  The overall goal of Andy Jones, the Firebrand webmaster, was to make the website an attractive, easily accessible, up-to-date resource about the Foundation and its current work.  He also focused on making it easier to search the history of the Foundation, particularly the construction of the Niantic Bay Boardwalk and Beach, which was recorded by former President Robert DeSanto, in extensive construction progress reports.  In addition, the home page continues to highlight the live webcam of the boardwalk, a popular feature with regular viewers.

One of the unique new features of the website is a drone video, “A Bird’s Eye View:  The Boardwalk by the Bay.”   This video is the work of three volunteers who donated their time and talents to help publicize the work of the Foundation.  Michael Burnett, the videographer, is the founder of UHD film Production whose aerial and ground videos filmed at some of the most popular beaches, cities and state parks in Connecticut.  Mr. Burnett was willing to donate untold hours of his time to create this impressive video of the Boardwalk.  In addition, his drone footage is also featured elsewhere on the website.  HIs attention to detail and determination to make the presentation as technically impressive as possible are evident in the video.

The narrator of the video, Wayne R. Gronlund, Captain, USCG (Retired), also is a volunteer who was willing to donate his time and baritone voice to strengthen the project and lend a touch of gravitas.  The video was conceived and written by June Hoye, the Publicity Chair for the Foundation, to enhance the new, updated public face of the Foundation.

We hope the public will continue to explore our new, revised website and view the complete video, enjoy the commentary and the breathtaking view of the Boardwalk, and follow us on Facebook.