Donations through the Decades-The East Lyme Public Trust Foundation- Hope Street Trees- $3,454

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In 2012, when former First Selectman, Paul Formica, was endeavoring to create a new, improved parking lot on Hope Street, he approached the East Lyme Public Trust Foundation for assistance in providing trees for the Hope Street Lot.

When the Foundation agreed to donate $3,454 for the trees and plaque, John and June Hoye became the Chairpersons for the project.  They were assisted by John Wilson who produced the plaque and obtained, for the mounting of the plaque, one of the boulders that had been saved by the town from the rebuilding of the Boardwalk.

In addition to providing support for the Boardwalk, the Foundation has also been involved in projects beyond the Boardwalk.  When the trees bloom in the Hope Street Parking Lot this spring, remember the many volunteers and organizations like the Foundation who have been, and are, working to improve our town. 

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