Foundation Launches History Section

Joseph Legg News

The Foundation has installed a new History section on the website as of September 26, 2021. It is designed to chronicle the activities of the organization since its incorporation in 1994. It offers readers the opportunity to look back not only on our activities and achievements in the public interest, but also on many of the people who have contributed to these efforts.

June Hoye, our Director of Publicity for many years, initiated the idea. She has done much of the work leading up to its posting. It features articles, mostly written by Ms. Hoye in a personal and engaging way, that have been published over the years.

As one might expect, the Foundation’s creation of the Niantic Bay Boardwalk, and our gifting it to town, was a major topic. Our commemorative programs of benches, plaques and trees are noted, along with the donations for the McCook Park bandstand, security cameras and park benches. Information about the beach eco-system project, volunteer workers, cooperation with UConn, East Lyme High School, and, especially, the town’s Parks and Recreation Department are threaded among the stories.

It’s a nice summary of what can be accomplished when governmental agencies and local volunteer activists work together in the public interest.