New Board Sets Planning Meeting

East Lyme Public Trust Foundation News

The Foundation’s newly elected Board of Directors is set to hold its first formal meeting of 2023 on February 28 at 6:30 in the Chendali room at the Community Center. President Carol Marelli, re-elected for her third term along with her fellow officers last November, will preside. She will be joined by Vice President Joe Legg, Secretary Jessica Todd, and Treasurer Kathie Cassidy. Also re-elected as directors to the 2023 Board are June Hoye, Pam Wasylik, Mathew Whittico and Vic Vicari.

President Marelli said the meeting will focus on completing an operational plan for the year, including new projects. Also up for discussion are funding, upgrading the website, and membership. As part of the planning effort, she has met with Jerry Lokken, the new Director of the East Lyme Parks and Recreation Department, about cooperative efforts with the town. Mr. Lokken, along with First Selectman Kevin Seery, had update the Board about town projects at the Board’s November gathering.

The Foundation has a long history of joint achievements with the town over the past 25 years, starting with the creation of the Boardwalk, which continues to attract people from all over the state. Enhancement of town parks has soften been a major focus. The most recent Foundation project was the installation of the new 80-foot flagpole on the Liberty Green in Niantic at a cost of $32,000. The Boardwalk commemorative plaques, along with trees and benches in the parks, have been a major source of funding for such endeavors.

Ms. Marelli encourages members of the community who might be interested in joining to help the Foundation continue its mission, to contact her at She said they are looking for people who have the time and energy to contribute to its efforts in the community, hopefully with some skills in computers, graphic arts, grant-writing and organization. For those interested in donating, information and application forms can be found by clicking on Donate/commemorate on the website’s home page.