The East Lyme Public Trust Foundation Announces New Planting Venues

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The Promise of Tomorrow’s Trees By June Hoye

As we all enjoy the fine weather, walks along the boardwalk, and picnics at McCook Park, it is time to look ahead to fall planting time. The East Lyme Public Trust Foundation in co-operation with the East Lyme Parks and Recreation Department is again pleased to offer THE PROMISE of TOMORROW’S TREES-a project to raise funds for the support of the Niantic Bay Boardwalk and other projects of the Trust. This commemorative tree program makes available to the public, trees to be placed in public spaces in East Lyme.

This summer- 2019, the Foundation and the Parks and Recreation Department are pleased to be able to offer two new areas for planting. In May, 2017, The East Lyme Public Trust Foundation with the partnership of the Rotary and the Lions, combined efforts to make our new band shell at McCook Park a reality. Now, two years later, we are ready to begin beautifying the area behind the bandstand. The Parks and Recreation Department has proposed a line of four evergreen trees that would run behind the back of the Band Stand along the chain link fence that separates the railroad tracks from the park. If you have enjoyed a concert, play, or other event at this new installation, we urge you to commemorate your enjoyment with the purchase of a tree.

Another new area that the Foundation is pleased to introduce is at the Samuel Smith Farmstead. Mr. Arthur Carlson, a Board of Directors member on the Property Maintenance Committee, has chosen a line of four Dwarf Apple Trees which will replace some diseased trees along the road in front of the historical house. Now is the time for Graduations, Weddings, and Family Celebrations. Commemorate these events with a tree that will last for decades.

As we all know, Nature abhors a gap! In 2017, the Foundation offered Cherry Tree Lane- a walkway of five trees along the chain-link fence at McCook Park on Columbus Avenue. The trees, which are located between the side gate and the railroad tracks, are Kwanza Cherry Trees, a flowering, low growing species. If you ever go to Washington, D.C. in the spring, you will see about 44 Kwanzan cherry trees around the Tidal Basin. Only two trees remain to be sold in that location; act fast to become part of beautifying that boundary line of McCook Park.

Another gap we would like to fill is at Bridebrook Park. Are you an adult who has fond memories of playing baseball at Bridebrook as a child? Are you a parent who has had a child who enjoyed learning the principles of sportsmanship at Soccer games at Bridebrook? Are you a grandparent who has enjoyed many games watching family members grow and learn the game of Lacrosse? If so, the Promise of Tomorrow’s Trees is hoping you will consider a living memento of these memorable times you shared at this park.

The project at Peretz Park is to plant Sugar Maples along the outfield fence of the baseball field. There are already four trees planted to begin the project. The plaque for one of these trees thanks the donor’s parents for “Summers at Niantic”. We know there are many more people who are grateful for these experiences at Peretz Park.

A contribution of $600 for a tree will cover the cost of the tree, the planting, an 8″x4″ plaque, a base, and a water bag to assist in the stabilization of the tree. The next planting will take place in the fall of 2019. Since the East Lyme Public Trust Foundation is a non-profit 401c, contributions are tax deductible.

June Hoye is the chairperson for the project in partnership with Dave Putnam, the Director of Parks and Recreation. Her committee includes Carol Marelli and Bill Rinowski-administration. Application forms are available at: East Lyme Town Hall-Town Clerk’s Office, East Lyme Parks and Rec., East Lyme Library, and the E.L. Book Barn. They also can be found on the Trust web-site: